The Ale House in Fujieda City

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There are very few pubs, I mean real pubs, British or Irish, worth noticing in our Prefecture.
But I surely don’t mind traveling all the way from Shizuoka City to Fujieda City and come back with the last train back home under the questioning looks from commuters going back to their sleeping town! Fortunately The Ale House is only less than 10 minutes away from the south exit of the JR Station!

It has become one of those “kakureya” (“hidden spots”) that a lot of residents expats talk about, and deservedly so.

But I let my English friend Patrick of Think Twiceguide me along and introduce me to the matser of the Place, Mr. Masayuki Saitou
Mr. Saitou explained us he opened his Pub in 1995 out a search for a new challenge away from the dreary life of a typical Japanese “salaryman”, and indulge in his hobby, namely whisky.
Talking of whisky, he does have an impression collection, but you will have to ask him to show it as it is protected from the spotlights inside wooden cabinets!
Now, if you are a beer lover, he has an extra treat for you, a proof of his dedication:

He has the full range of the beers produced by Bryan Baird at the Taproom in Numazu City! For us ale and port lovers in Shizuoka City, it is a great boon as Bryan’s beer is the one to taste!
Interestingly enough, people here do not know we do have quite a few notable “jibiru”, microbreweries, in Shizuoka Prefecture!
Now if you are into cocktails, no worries, the Ale House has more than you can drink.
And if you hungry, the fare is definitely above average!
Now, when will I be able to go back there? Soon, you can garantee!

The Ale House
426-0061 Fujieda City, Tanuma, 1-4-12 (JR Station South Exit)
Te. & Fax: 054-6362889
Opening hours: 18:30~25:00
Closed on Mondays (Tuesdays are open, even in the case of a National Holiday)

4 thoughts on “The Ale House in Fujieda City”

  1. A very pleasant and agreeable establishment, with a very friendly and softly-spoken publican.
    Personally I really enjoyed the Baird Wheat Ale, as a good standard brew, but I believe the Baird Summer Mikan Ale took us by surprise, a real thirst-quencher!


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