Mois : janvier 2007

The Last Bottles? 1

Sogatsuru (left) & Shikon (right) Januray 30th, 2007, Shizuoka City Having discovered Mr. Matsunaga’s Liquor Shop on the Internet through Eikun Brewery’s HP, I decided to use some free time to visit him as I knew...

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Shizuoka Shochu: a new level!

At the turn of the Millennium, as shoshu acquired a better image throughout Japan, it was only natural that some Sake Breweries in Shizuoka made use of their skills and facilities to distill the heady drink. They started by...

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Sake: the etymology

The more you learned, the less you know… The adage was driven home on me last Saturday, when some old students of mine, piqued by my questions on the great beverage, came up with all kind of information I will have to...

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