A good expat friend of mine living in the same City of Shizuoka City asked me if one should drink sake on its own or accompanied by a snack.
Well, if you only wish to drink sake for the sake (no pun!) of tasting it, I would advise you to forget any food as the « flavour » will linger inside your palate for quite a while.
On the other hand, drinking sake, like any other alcoholic beverage, on an empty stomach might turn into a quick way to get tipsy, if not outright drunk.
As a matter of course, I either drink my sake at the very beginning or the very end of a meal. Sake goes very well with light food such as asparaguses, raw seafood salad (as long as it is not added with a spicy sauce). It goes down very well with very strong-flavoured foods such as chocolate and foie gras, which tend to « kill » wine or beer. In that case, choose a very sweet sake (unfortunately, sake in Shizuoka tends to be on the dry side). Of course, Japanese food is best for enjoying sake. Finally avoid « mixing » sake with other alcoholic beverages. It a sure way to get dead drunk!

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