-« Making sake from black rice? Common, you are pulling our leg! Or is it just a gimmick? » I was asked even by my Japanese friends.
I do not know if this is confined to Shizuoka Prefecture, although they make Red Sake in Niigata Pefecture, but I can assure you it exixts and is worth trying!

« Kuromai Shidan Nikomi Seishu-Mezametemo Yume No Naka » made by Bandai Brewery in Shuzenji, Izu Peninsula. Recommended as an aperitif.
720cc 1,150 yen

« Kuromaizake-Mukashi Mukashi No Iwata No O Sake » made by Senjyu Brewery in Iwata City.
Made from « black rice » grown in Iwata Black Rice Research Farm Laboratory.
300ml 650 yen
720 ml 1,500 yen

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