Sake: the etymology


The more you learned, the less you know…
The adage was driven home on me last Saturday, when some old students of mine, piqued by my questions on the great beverage, came up with all kind of information I will have to study and memorize very quickly if I don’t want to become the laughing matter of sake specialists!
Apart of the written (in Japanese) information, they made interesting remarks on the etimology of the word « sake »:
« Sa » (from « satsuki ») actually means the « God of Rice ».
« Ke »(from « yuuge » or « asage ») means « food ».
« Sake », the « Food of the God of Rice »! I might be tempted away from my agnotsicism!
Another interesting word is « sakana » (not fish!): made from « saka » (sake) and « na » (vessel/dish): a « sake cup »!

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