sogatsuru.jpg shikon-jyunmai-ginjyo.jpg
Sogatsuru (left) & Shikon (right)

Januray 30th, 2007, Shizuoka City
Having discovered Mr. Matsunaga’s Liquor Shop on the Internet through Eikun Brewery’s HP, I decided to use some free time to visit him as I knew he had on sale some bottles of sake produced by brewers who had ceased operations some time ago.
I found and bought a bottle by Shikon, which used to be in Fujieda City, until the last generation married into the family owning Sanwa Brewery in Shimizu Ku, as well as a bottle by Sogatsuru which was merged to Hagi No Kura Brewery in Kakegawa City.
I shall have to come back to tha liquor shop very soon as I learned that Mr. Matsunaga had other bottles, notably by Okinabenten which ceased operations this year, before working for another brewer. Mr. Matsunaga also sowed me an earthenware keg by Akebono Brewery which used to be located in Yaizu City and disappeared following events at the end of WWII!

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