Sake as a beauty product?
I would not be surprised to hear newly-come foreign women snigger at the notion!
Actually sake has been used by Japanese women (that is the richer ones) in their bath for centuries. Incidentally, shochu is also used in such a manner in other regions.
Alright, now what sake should we use?
Any will be fine actually, but it could mean an extravagant manner to savour it!
I get lots of sake presents, especially in the form of one-cup sake. Instead of discarding it as the quality is sometimes suspect, I pour it in my morning bath, for which my wife is thankful as it leaves a soft sheen on the skine, even after toweling. There is practically no smell left, and there is little danfer to get accidentally drunk as the alcohol will quickly dissipate in a hot bath!
Try it (ladies and gents alike) and you will thank me!

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