Fuuki 1: The Rogue?


For some time, I have been intrigued by the presence of a « Brewer » called Fuuki, located in Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Yokosuna Minami Cho 2-1. Checking on the map, I noticed the presence of a natural river flowing along from the nearby mountain. The problem was that I could not find any bottle of it! I noticed recently one of thieir « taru » (cask on display in Sengen Shrine in Shizuoka City.
I first asked a pointed question to the gentleman working at the Shizuoka Brewers Association Office but only obtained a very vague answer.
Fine. Next, I asked my good friend, Mr. Masuo Yokoyama of Shimizu Ku to check for me. He found out that they are not making sake in that particular « factory », but making large amounts of alcohol for their mother brewing company in the Nada area (Kobe-Kyoto). Apparently they had found some good water.
A liquor shop owner friend of mine mentioned they were also into bottling business.
I reported my findings to John Gauntner who revealed that this particular company is one of the biggest cheap sake exporters to the uS. Ah, ah! John advised me to read his article on oke-gai for more information. Read it, and you will understand why I call Fuuki a « rogue »!
Upon more investigation, an old hand revealed that many tank lorries were seen and are still seen on the nearby main thoroughfares.
The Association has assured me that all Breweries were presently making sake for their own business only. Whereas I cannot fault companies on making extra money, I do hope that Breweries in Shizuoka Prefecture are all genuine!

To be continued

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