Shizuoka Shochu Tasting 2: Wasabi Sake/Bandai Brewery



The name is a misnomer as it is Shochu made from Wasabi/Japanese Green Horseradish, a lot of which is grown not far from the Bandai Brewery near Shuzenji in Izu Peninsula.
I discovered it in Fall 2006 as I visited the very famous hot spa city.
On my way back to Shizuoka City I showed it to Ken San, the owner of Sushiya no Ichi who was impressed at discovering it, too. As he could not wait to taste it, we opened the bottle at once. He served it straight with ice and a dash of freshly-grated wasabi. A beauty!
If you wish to sample it, you had better order it directly. It is quite cheap, actually (around 500 yen for a 720ml bottle)!
Bandai Brewery, Shizuoka Ken, Izu Shi, Toshikawa, 34
Tel.: 0558-720050

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