Honour Roll Call


Kampai and kampai again!

When did sake brewed in Shizuoka Prefecture finally come to the fore in Japan?
As far as as 1972!
Here is the roll call when a sake brewed in Shizuoka Prefecture was given the highest accolade by the Association of Master Brewers:

1972: Doi Brewery (Eikun/Kakegawa City)
1973: Doi Brewery (Eikun/Kakegawa City)
1974: Omuraya Brewery (Wakatake/Shimada City)
1982: Doi Brewery (Eikun/Kakegawa City)
1985: Doi Brewery (Eikun/Kakegawa City)
1991: Doi Brewery (Eikun/Kakegawa City)
1995: Hatsukame (Okabe Cho)
1997: Hatsukame (Okabe Cho)
1999: Doi Brewery (Eikun/Kakegawa City)
2001: Doi Brewery (Eikun/Kakegawa City)
2004: Hatsukame (Okabe Cho)
2005: Fuji Takasago Brewery (Numazu City)

Not bad, eh?

Incidentally, Shizuoka Prefecture got 12 nominations between 1972 and 2005, Ishikawa Prefecture 18, Toyama Prefecture 5, Shiga Prefecture 1, and Kyoto Fu 1!
Between 1995 and 2005, Shizuoka Prefecture got 6, Ishikawa Prefecture 4 and Kyoto Fu 1!

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