(Fuuki is on top shelf, middle between haginishiki & Hana No Mai.
Picture taken at Sengen Shrine, Shizuoka City, 20-02-2007)


The story with Fuuki continues, but with some more evaluation.
Investigating the history of Sake in Shizuoka is akin to a hard-boiled story sometimes. You do have to talk to a lot of people in different spheres to fish out the true story lying behind some practices…
Now the role of Fuuki in Shizuoka Prefecture (and other Prefectures I dare say) has been determined. It sells its alcohol not only to other Prefectures, but to most breweries in Shizuoka. Until there, no problem.
But some nasty rumours have reached my small ears as recently as yesterday (no, I’m not going to divulge my source. Take it at face value, or else). Fuuki apparently tries to impose its way of making Sake to local Brewers. Otherwise no alcohol (fetch it somewhere else with according transport costs)!
I mentioned in the first part of this saga that many, if not all Brewers made sake on order for the big brothers. I was assured that the practice has completed stopped.
Bad luck, one brewer, a BIG one, still sells its brew on order. The fact is mitigated by a sort of « give-and-take » agreed with a Nada Brewer which helped that Big Brewer when it was still a struggling SMALL one 20 years ago and before. Understandable. But why do some people try to hide the fact, and why do the same people still include Fuuki as the « 33rd kura » (shall I say member) of the Shizuoka Sake Brewers Association?
Addenda: Found out today (February 20th) that Tancho, which ceased operations in the early 1990’s in Shimada, brewed for the benefit of Fuuki…

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