Shizuoka Sake Tasting 1: Morimoto Brwery-Sayogoromo by Melinda Joe


My good (new) friend Melinda Joe has kindly agreed with the blind tasting of a bottle I sent her on February 19th. I obtained the bottle at Morimoto Brewery in Kikugawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture when I interviewed Mr. Hitoshi Morimoto (see February 17th post).
The only pointer I gave Melinda was that it had been brewed by Mr. Morimoto.
The sake was Nama junmai ginjo. One-year old. Yamada Nishiki Rice 50%, Kojima Rice 40%, Goyakumangoku Rice 10%. Koubo/Yeast N0 1401 from Kanazawa.
Name: Sayogoromo Nama Junmai Ginjo made by Hitoshi Morimoto of Morimoto Brewery/Kikugawa City in 2006. Bottle to be put on sale Spring 2007.

Here is Melinda’s tasting notes:

Color: Light amber tint
Clarity: Perfectly clear
Aroma: Bright, highly aromatic, green skinned fruit, yeast, nama!
Texture: Initially grainy then smooth
Body: Light to medium
Flavor: Green apple, pear, melon; slightly lactic, ricey notes in midpalate, but fruity overall; mild bitterness in the finish that hangs on the back of the throat
General impressions: soft and clean, elegant, sawayaka, hanayaka, nigiyaka, kirei, complex

These are the collective opinions of 3 tasters. This sake changed many times during the course of our evaluation, moving from rather sweet to generally dry and yielding a myriad of flavors. One of my friends had never had namazake before and was completely blown away by the vibrant nuances we discovered. An impressive, intriguing sake – my compliments to Morimoto-san!

Not much I can say about that, can I?
I’ve decided to let all tasting in their hands from now on!

Please visit Melinda’s blog for more excellent tasting tips!

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