This is the second blind tasting that my good friend Melinda Joe has kindly agreed with this bottle I sent her on March 1st. I obtained the bottle at Yoshiya Brewery, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture when I interviewed Mssrs. Hashimoto and Nakashima (see precedent post).
The only pointer I gave Melinda was that it was completely different from Tasting 1 and that it would make an extravagant « kan » (hot sake)!

Chuuei Karakuchi brewed by Yoshiya Brewery In Shizuoka City, Zaimoku-Cho (that is for your notes)
Brewed and bottled in February 2007
100% Yamada Nishiki
Milled down to 55%
Acidity: 1.3 (low even for Shzuoka)
Dryness: +17 (!!! This is the dryest sake I’ve ever come by!)
Alcohol: 16~17 degrees
Can be drunk chilled or hot
Shizuoka Koubou

Color: Completely clear
Clarity: Perfectly clear
Aroma: Quiet, ricey,
Texture: very smooth, quite dry
Body: Light, gaining a bit of weight as it warms
Flavor: High-impact, compact, umami-rich rice in midpalate, hints of vanilla and banana custard, integrated bitter notes, quick finish with an herbal tinge
General impressions: refined, restrained, classy, nomi-yasui, tsuyoii, tanpaku, contemplative, secretive

This one stumped my three tasters and me! We struggled to get our palates around it. It was completely different from the Sayogoromo, the polar opposite, as a matter of fact. It was not fruity and flamboyant but had a richness and real presence despite its light weight. Understated and artful.

Thank you again, Robert-Gilles, for introducing me to all the wonderful diversity in Shizuoka sake!

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