On march 15th were announced the results of the Annual Governor Prizes by the « Seishu Kampyo Kai Kenchiji Sho ».
The testing was conducted in Numazu City the previous day by five judges who were submited 48 entries in the junmai category and 49 entries in the ginjo category.
It was a personal pleasure to hear that Sugii Brewery (Suginishiki/Fujieda City) obtained the Gold Award in the junmai category. Fujinishiki (Fuji Gun) got the Golden Award in the ginjo category.
26 Breweries participated. A big absent was Morimoto Brewery who considered last year’s rice quality did not warrant participation. Actually, Mr. Doi (Doi Brewery/Kakegawa City), Chairman of the Shizuoka Sake Breweries Association announced that, in spite of the problems caused by unreliable weather last year, Shizuoka Brweries had come up with better than expected results…
I shall have the occasion to taste them (all?) next Friday!

Ginjo Category:
Gold Award: Fujinishiki Brewery
Silver Awards: Yoshiya Brewery, Kokkou brewery, Aoshima Brewery, Sugii Brewery, Senju Brewery, Fuji Takasago Brewery, Hamamatsu Brewery, Masuichi Brewery, Kamisawakawa Brewery, Isojiman Brewery, Haginishiki Brewery, Fujimasa Brewery, Hatsukame Brewery, Doi Brewery,Omura Brewery, Hana No Mai Brewery, Watanabe Brewery

Junmai Category:
Gold Award: Sugii Brewery
Silver Awards: Yoshiya Brewery, Kamisawakawa Brewery, Senju Brewery, Fuji takasago Brewery, Aoshima Brewery, Masuichi Brewery, Hamamatsu Brewery, Kokkou Brewery, Fujimasa Brewery, Fujinishiki Brewery, Haginishiki Brewery, Isojiman Brewery, Makino Brewery, Doi Brewery, Bandai Brewery, Hana No Mai Brewery, Takashima Brewery

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