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I just finished this bottle offered to me by mrs. Miyazaki, a stusdent of mine who has relatives in Fujinishiki and Wakatake Breweries (which should make it easier for me when interviewing them!)

It was brewed in February 2007 by Doi Brewery in Kakegawa City.
« Iwaizake » means « Congratulations Sake ».
It is a « nama shinshu shiboritate », or unpasteurized new sake, just « wrung out ».
Interestingly enough, although the rice has been milled down to 60%, the Brewery did not give even the name of Honjozo.
It can be drunk chilled or even as « kan » (warmed up).
Totally transparent
Clear colour with a hint of amber
Slightly sweet aroma, melts quickly inside the mouth with strong hints of banans and vanilla. Leaves a « petillant » impresion on the palate for a while, typical of unpasteurized sake.
At 920 yen a 720ml bottle, definitely a great bargain! Would suggest it as a chilled aperitif!