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Yesterday, while I was fuming about some intruders, I managed to get those two limited editions (only 300 bottles of each) fromKumpai Brewery and took on the positive action to open the first one and forget all the little stories.
This edition, « Sakura », is a « shinshu » (new sake), « nama » (unpasteurized), junmai ginjo.
Brewed in march 2007
100% Biyama Rice
Rice milled down to 55%

Color: Completely clear with a touch of amber
Clarity: Perfectly clear
Aroma: Fruity
Texture: very smooth
Body: Smooth and easy to drink, with a touch of petillant lingering
Flavor: Plum/Apricot and Cherries. Develops into a faint dried nuts later

Perfectly accompanied my wife’s « kani to na no hana » ( crab and rape blossoms) salad.
At around 2,600 yen, a little pricey but deserves it!