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Well, I suppose I finally had to come to it! The truth is that most expats are just crazy for rolls!
Whereas samples in the States in particular tend to become full meals by themselves, I prefer them Japanese-size, affording me plenty of time to savour them!
Here are three samples ( two, actually) That I have recently enjoyed:

The roll above is a « hotate maki » (Scallops roll):
The scallops are first mixed with wasabi mayonnaise and coarsely crushed peanuts before rolled in an « inverted » (seaweed on the inside) and coated with sesame seeds.

This roll is exactly the same, although the shape in « petals » is typically Japanese. Instead of sesame seeds, it is coated with « Tobiko » (flying fish roe) which apart of their great colour are succulent and crunchy!

Both above rolls were ordered at « Sushi Ko » in Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Aoba Koen.

Now this one will please my North American friends!
It was made by my better (worse?) half as part of a « bento » lunch box.
She calls it « tonkatsu maki », that is, deep-fried (schnitzel-style) soft pork cutlets that she has let cool down first. She then rolled them in sushi rice to which she had added wasabi mayonnaise and sesame seeds before rolling them in lettuce instead of seaweed.
I have to admit it is a favourite of mine!

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