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Mr. Matsunaga is a true « personage » on the « Shizuoka Prefecture Sake Scene », both welcome and avoided in the sake brewing world.
He is not only a true collector of Sake, particularly Shizuoka Sake, as you can find out on his Homepage, but also a pitiless judge as well as a historian.
When I asked when his business was founded, he answered that it was the only piece of history he did not know fairly well as he got married into the family that owned the Akebono Brewery in Yaizu City before meeting its demise in WWII, after which they moved to their present address in Shizuoka City.
matsunaga2.jpg akebono.jpg

Thanks to him, I had the occasion to acquire the following « maboroshi sake » (the ones that disappeared):
sogatsuru.jpg shikon-jyunmai-ginjyo.jpg hasshou1.jpg okinabenten-dai2.jpg
Sogatsuru (Kakegawa City), Shikon (Shiamada City), Hasshou (Hamana Gun) & Okinabenten (Fujieda City)

Mr. Matsunaga sells the sake of the following Shizuoka Prefecture Brwers:
Isojiman, Hatsukame, Kokkou, Shidaizumi (including Shirasagi), Morimoto (Sayogoromo), Eikun, Yoshiya (Chumasa), Aoshima (Kikuyoi,) Sugii (Suginishiki), Shosetesu, Doi (Kaiun)

Matsunaga Saketen
420-0075 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Go Bancho, 5-9
Tel.: 054-2523465
Fax: 054-2737122

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