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I finally got my hands on a bottle brewed by Sogatsuru-Hai No Kura Brewery in Kakegawa City.
This is a « new » brewery as the old Sogatsuru Brewery was acquired by one of the brothers at Haginishiki Brwery (Shizuoka City) who deicded to fly on his own wings in 2004.

This particular bottle is a junmai brewed in September 2006.
Rice milled down to 60%
Dryness: +3
Acidity: 1.3 (very low for Shizuoka)

Clarity: Very clear
Colour: very light tinges of amber
Body: light

Discreet fruity fragance
Green apples leaving the place to faint roasted nuts. Linger in the palate.
Develops into typical petillant of a junmai upon swallowing.

A discreet elegant brew fit for an aperitif or a laid back drink at home. Goes well with seafood.