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It certainly feels extremely pleasant to realize that Shizuoka Prefecture offers a host of great « honjozo » and « junmai », supposedly at the lowest runk of the « premium sake » ladder.
Why not take full advantage of it knowing they are comparatively extravagant!

This particular brew is a honjozo recently produced by Fujinishiki Brewery in Fuji Gun which has been elected the best « ginjo » in Shizuoka Prefecture!

Fujinishiki, Honjozo, rice milled down to 65%

Aroma: sharp, flowers, sakura (cherry blossoms)

Colour: almost transparent, with a very light amber hue

Clarity: perfectly clear

Body: light

Taste: Sakura flowers. First almost sweetish, turning dry in the palate.

Dry but feminine impression. Would make the perfect aperitif.