Hananomai Brewery: Umeshu


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Umeshu, that is a liqueur made with Japanese plum is not technically a sake, but since it is made with sake, and a lot of it in this case, I still feel it necessary to introduce it in this particular blog!

Hananomai Brewery, Hamamatsu City has had a long habit (and a good one at that!) of producing liqueurs of all kinds as well as some excellent shochu!

This particular Umeshu was made with Junmai sake (seishu), Japanese plums grown in Shizuka Prefecture and sugar.
All the ingredients are 100% Shizuoka Prefecture ingredients. Knowing that Brewery’ toji is also from Shizuoka Prefecture, it will difficult to find a more authentic Shizuoka product!
Alcohol content: 13 degrees
Ume-plum essence: 15%
Size: 500ml
Price: 1,260 yen (a bit pricey, but deserves it!)

A great aperitif, with a strong but discreet character. Great drink served chilled in hot summers!

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