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Have you ever wondered about all those sake casks on display at Shinto Shrines (as opposed to Budhist Temples)?
This is a good way to find or even investigate about your local sake!
For example when I visited Okuni Jinja In Mori Machi between Kakgawa City and Hamamatsu City, I discovered two casks:
okuni-hananomai.jpg okuni-senjyu.jpg
Hana No Mai Brewery (Hamamatsu) Senju Brewery (Iwata)

I decided to investigate a bit further and went to Sengen Shrine in Shizuoka City and I found the large array of « taru » (casks) as on the picture at the top of this posting.
I had the satisfaction to find quite a few from Shizuoka Prefecture:
Chumasa (Yoshiya Brewery, Shizuoka City) at top, Kumpai Brewery (2 kinds) on second shelf
I actually found 10 different Breweries represented:
Haginishiki (Shizuoka City), Hanan No Mai (Hamamatsu City), Kaiun (Kakaegawa City), Hakuin Masamune (Takashima Brewery/Numazu City), Chumasa (Yoshiya Brewery/Shizuoka City), Senju (Iawata City), Aoitenka (Kakegawa City), Kumpai (Shizuoka City), Takasago (Fuji-Takasago Brewery, Fujinomiya City) and Shizugoromo (Sanwa Brewery/Shizuoka City-Shimizu Ku).

But I was extremely disappointed to see the invasion of no less than 22 casks from outsiders brought in by Hiraki Company owned by the family of Shinya Totsuka, the present Mayor of Kakegawa City and that of Fuuki!

If you happen to find more at diverse localities in Shizuoka Prefecture, I shall be extremly grateful for the information!

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