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Last night I think I found a sake from which I will really find it difficult to keep my hands off!
Numazu City is scelebrated for its fish all over Japan, and recently for its beer thanks to Bryan Baird, but it has always been a place where great sake was brewed.
Takashima Brewery, or Hakuin Masamune as it is usually known, has a long history of coming up with some very original ideas (try their shochu « En ». You will be really surprised!).
I fianlly got around buying the first of their bottles (they do have quite a few), and honestly speaking, the reason why I chose this particular one among the half dozen available at Nagashim Saketen was its label!
For once the contents deserved their label!
This sake is ismply called Junami Ginjo, Hakuin masamune ». It was brewed in February 2007. Rice milled down to 50%, alcohol content 16.5 degrees. That’s all…

Color: very light amber

Clarity: perfectly clear

Body: solid

Aroma: light/cherries

Taste: the cherries (black/dry) guessed in the discreet aroma came up powerfully in the mouth to linger a long time like a balm on the palate with the typical junmai petillant.

I immediately « fell in love » with the nectar. I will have to send it to Tokyo, as it deserves better coverage!
Now, I will have to check that brewery thoroughly!