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In not so long past ages, the Japanese used to drink their sake and shochu, depending on the area they dwelt, at soba shops.
Slowly but surely better quality soba shops are making an effort to serve comparatively good sake and shochu.
Such an establishment can be found in Miyakochi, Hamamatsu City (formerly Hamakita City, a ten-minute car trip from Komatsu Station along the Entetsu private railway.
The fact that it opened its doors just beside Hana No mai Brwery/Distillery in 2004 is no coincidence!

It serves sake and shochu from the same Brewery, garanteeing fresh products of the highest quality.
The shochu offered on the menu are a standard 25 degrees kome/rice shochu called Acha no Tsubone:

I had the pleasure to taste it recently and described in a precedent posting

and a strong 48 degrees kome/rice brew called Aratama n Sato, commemorating the name of the area.
As for the soba, they are excellent and of the extravagant « ju-wari » kind, all made on the premises, with an interesting « yaki soba miso » on the spoon (see above picture). They also offer for sale a great array of local honeys not to be missed.
The perfect place to eat soba after or before visiting their grat neighour brewers!
The place is full most of the time and will sometimes close early as only soba made on the day are served.

Hamamatsu City, Hamakita, Miyakuchi, 619
Tel.: 053-5822212
Opening hours: 11:00~14:00, 17:00~20:00
Closed on Monday nights, and Tuesdays

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