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Togakushi is an institution in Shizuoka City where it has half a dozen restaurants. Contrary to most « chain restaurants », it had to open branches since itsfounding in 1968 due to the constant demand. Even on a week day you might have to queue to find a table.
My better (worse?) half and I chose to have a late lunch there at around 2:30 p.m. and had still to wait 10 good minutes. But it allowed us to get the best seat in the non-smoking area by the bay window opening onto a tiny garden.
Togakushi serves only soba, but in so many variations you will to come again to exhaust the menu. Even one of their creations, « Isooroshi » has been awarded a commercila patent!
Now the good news for hungry people is that Togakushi has some excellent set menu for only 1,000 yen as shown on picture above!
For the sake lovers, Isojiman (Yaizu City!), one of the 10 most popular sake in Japan is on the menu!

Togakushi Soba
Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Seikan-Cho, 12-1
Closed on Sundays
(as for other restaurants, it might vary)


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