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Shidaizumi Brewery (Fujieda City) recently came up with an original brew made with a rare rice strain:

Shidaizumi Junmai Ginjo/Hiroshima-Hattan 35 Go
Brewed in May 2007
Rice: 100% Hiroshima-Hattan 35 Go (Number 35)
Rice milled down to 50%
Yeast/Kobo: Shizuoka New-5
Dryness: +6
Acidity: 1.3

Colour: transparent

Clarity: very clear

Aroma: Ricey

Body: fluid, turning a little syrupy

Taste: Complex, bitter chocolate, liquorice, spreads quickly on the palate

Aftertaste: Petillant lingers, turns sharp with a hint of acidity.

Overall: strong character. Great with sushi, potato salad and greens.