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The Tokyo Geeks were at it again, and I must say that they did pretty well as the sake I sent them came from Sugii Brewery, Fujieda City, a brewery notorious for its unpredictability.
The mystery sake was:
Junmai Ginjo
100% Yamada Nishiki Rice from Hyogo Prefecture
Rice milled down to 50%
Yeast/Kobo: Shizuoka HD-1, NEW-5
Dryness: +5
Acidity: 1.2
Brewed in March 2007.

Etsuko Nakamura‘s notes:
Over all-very nice sake that goes well with food.
Color- yellowish
Aroma- lighter fruit aroma, ginjo aroma
1st sip- nice lingering aftertaste
After 2nd sip- ricey, taste banana at the tip of tongue, burning
sensation at the end

After I was completely defeated at the last week’s tasting, I learned that either my instincts are completely wacked or I cannot always follow the guidelines of « typical » classifications. That being said, I thought this one is ginjo, but could be honjozo or even daigin.

Melinda Joe‘s notes:Color: faint amber tint
Clarity: perfectly clear
Body: leans towards medium
Aroma: delicious, smooth, fruity, hints of citrus and banana
Flavors: lychee, green banana, rice, stinging alcohol, bitter notes in finish
Notes: constantly changing; noticeable tingling at the back of throat; a little sticky; subtle; worked very well with food

This was another hard one. I thought it to be honjozo or ginjo, but…it’s a little too fragrant for honjozo, so Ginjo?

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