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At long last, I tasted my first bottle from Senju Brewery in Iwata City. I can’t explain why, but I have problems to put my hands on the this prolific Brewery in the west part of our Prefecture!

This brew’s name, Honami, is quite poetic as it means « rice shaffs waves »!
This is a « biological » sake as the 100% Goyakumangoku rice strain is grown around Iwata City, an area famous for its agriculture, without any artificial fertilizer or pesticides.
It is a « seishu » junmai, 15.5 degrees of alcohol, rice milled down to 55%, making use of water from own well fed by Tenryuu River.

Clarity: very clear

Colour: Transparent

Aroma: light,ricey + pears

Body: Light and velvety

Taste: Petillant on the palate. Bananas, pears. Later vanilla and bitter chocolate

Aftertaste: Petillant lingers around at the back of the palate with pearsand vanilla.

Overall: Pert, feminine. Would go well with chocolate and desserts.