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Kumpai Brewery is decidedly coming up (I have one more bottle to taste…) with more and more remarkable brews in recent years. I suspect the son’s enthusiasm here.

Tenryou No Taki is a Muroka (unfiltered) Junami
100% Biyama Nishiki rice milled down to 55%
Dryness: +1 (very sweet for Shizuoka)
This particular bottle was brewed in February 2007

Colour: Light amber

Clarity: very clear

Aroma: ricey/light

Taste: sharp, sweet and sour/vanilla, bitter chocolate, almonds, grapefruit.

Aftertaste: lingers around with some acidity as grapefruit stays around.

Overall: turns complex as you drink more. Goes well with any kind of fried food. Food actually reveals the sweetness.

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