Why do I blog (about sake and what else)?


Please check Shizuoka Gourmet Blog for all the gastronomy in Shizuoka Prefecture!


Holy Macaroni!
Etsuko just tagged me: Why do you blog?
Well, the truth is quite interesting: a very intimate friend of mine, Patrick at Think Twiceactually encouraged me to start my own blog after the success of his. Knowing that I had been runing various websites since 1999, he suggested that a blog would be the perfect complement. By convicing me (which was easy!), he did not realize he started a stampede!
I began with posting a fantasy book I had written which could not find a publisher.
Next, I said to myself: well this is a blook, not a blog (brought me quite a few friends, though).
As I am an incorrigible hedonistic who is alwasy on the prowl in search of new tastes, the logical step was introducing Shizuoka gastronomy. I felt like leaving on a mission (no, I’m not religious, whatsoever!): I love sake. I love the people making and drinking it. I always had a special fondness for collections and history. No one could hold me any longer!
Of course, after that came the blogs on Shochu and Sushi. I was about to initiate a Beer blog when Patrick stepped in and suggested a Gourmet Blog instead where I could, should and would talk about anything good in Shizuoka Gastronomy. This proved a great piece of advice. Well, that is until he finally suggested me to do the same in Japanese…
But I was paid back a hundredfold with all the new friends and fun!
Now, I suppose only an earthquake of unseen magnitude can stop me! (and that’s not even sure!)
Now, formore fun, I tag Timothy at Urban Sakewith thw question:
Why Sake?

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