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Tomitaya is an old traditional « saketen » located in one of the old parts of Shizuoka City near local supermarkets replete with local produce.
Mr. Masataka Kurota, the present 3rd generation is providing great service with the help of his son, and is always ready for a chat about the history of sake and shochu in Shizuoka Prefecture. He even revealed the name of a Brewery back before WWII I had never heard about.

As for the Shizuoka Sake on sale, he has quite a few: Sugii Brewery/Suginishiki, Shidaizumi, Kansawa Brewery/Shosetsu, Doi Brewery/Kaiun, Sanwa Brewery/Hoosuu (Garyubai), Omuraya Brewery/Wakatake, Hana No mai, Yoshiya Brwery/Chumasa and Morimoto Brewery/Sayogoromo!

Tomitaya saketen
420-0042 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Komagata Doori, 4-11-21
Tel.: 054-2530482
Fax: 054-2718892

Homepage (Japanese)

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