Shizuoka Sake Tasting 9-2: Fujinishiki Brewery


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As this is Summer now (in spite of what they call the « Rainy Season ») and it tends to be very hot, I do have to be cautious about my alcohol intake. It is a good time to make a grab at those 300ml bottles one can easily drink up with dinner!

This particular bottle is a « nama honjozo » brewed in February 2007 by Fujinishiki Brewery in Shibakawa Cho.
Rice milled down to 65%.

Clarity: very clear

Colour: very faint tinge of gold

Aroma: Light, ricey

Body: light

Taste: Light, soft and gentle on the palate, easier to drink than you would expect for a nama/unpasteurized sake. Just dry enough. Vanilla/coffee beans/bitter chocolate.

Overall: Light, uncomplicated and easy to drink.
Great for beginners.
Goes well with vegetables and fish.
Could be appreciated as « kan » (warm)

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