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Following supplementary investigation and discovering more reliable sources it is time for me to either amend (for my greatest pleasure) some declarations or confirm (&%$#$%) some hard facts:

1) Okeuri:
Doi Brewery in Kakegawa City, nor Senju Brewery in Iwata City (the latter only recently) are not selling any of their sake to other Breweries any longer.

2) Okegai:
Three « Breweries » do buy their sake from Nada Breweries to sell it under their name:
Chiyonomusume (Hamamatsu City), Matsukawa (Kikugawa City) and Takamatsu (Omaezaki City)

3) Fuuki:
This Nada Brewery having an alcohol-making plant in Shimizu City still sells its products to most Shizuoka Breweries but has been keeping a lower profile. Apparently they are no longer interfering with Shizuoka Sake business.

4) Hiraki:
Unfortunately, the unethical deeds of the company owned by the family of Shinya Totsuka, present Mayor of Kakegawa City, go on unabated. I found out they even forced the shops at Kakegawa JR Station to sell their products, although the same shops are clearly stating they are selling only local products made by local farms, breweries and companies!

5) Lack of pride from certain « failed » breweries:
When I investigated why Fuji-Isami Brewery in Shizuoka City ceased operations exactly 10 years ago, I discovered to my chagrin that the last generation prefered to sit on the pile of gold amassed by its last owner. The son became an employee of Shizuoka Bank which has the Brewery’s money in their coffers. When you add the few « oku en » (100,000,000X?) representing the value of the prime estate land on which the Brewery is still standing in the company of a house and storebuilding, you understand why some people in Shizuoka are not proud of their heritage! At least, if the last owner had a little vision, he could develop it as an izakaya holding sake events and what else!

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