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During our ill-fated cricket game on June 26th, a buddy of mine, Matthew Ryan, mentioned he was interested in my sake blog and would very like to study our favourite drink. He could have chosen a better moment as the Tokyo Geeks in the persons of Etsuko Nakamura and Melinda Joe had sent me a batch of 12 one-cup and a junmai ginjo from the 13 Breweries in Tokyo.
As It was physically/ »liverly » impossible to taste them all in a hurry, I proposed Matthew to gather a few friends in Hamamatsu, where he is stationed, and have a tatsing party there. I would bring the sake, he would take care of the locale and the food.

Actually Matthew had forgotten to mention what a great place he was planning to hold the party in. He and some of his friends had helped Yukichi, their common Japanese friend with redecorating the latter’s home into an incredible multi-purpose atelier/event locale. The place had a bar, at least two party rooms upstairs and what else with kitchen, music, band space and what else. It had just been made serviceable and our tasting was apparently the first « official » event held there!


Quite a crowd joined in, and it turned out quickly that in spite of Matthew’s efforts (he had brought copies of John’s website information along), people came here more to enjoy all that sake and the food that Matthew, I and some other crazies had churned out of the kitchen. Although they enjoyed the drinks thoroughly (it was first serious sake drinking for most of them, Japanese guests included). When the ladies realized that all the men would take care of everything, they just sat apart to enjoy the food and the drinks, ordering (very) gentle men for more, with the occasional « oh, that one was better! », « what was it? »

Once again, Shizuoka Prefecture Geeks proved that it would take some time before we reach the nerdy dedication of our friends in Tokyo! Country bums? Oh well, it was still a good introduction. We are already planning the next session.
By the way, the Shizuoka Geeks will hold their next « Tasting » (guzzling?) on July 27th!
Cheers to that!

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