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Mr. H. Morimoto (Morimoto-Sayogoromo Brewery in Kikugawa City) has this great habit of regularly coming up with limited editions you can only grab if you have warned your reGular sake shops to be on the look out!
So when Koizumi Saketen called me I did not even discuss and replied I would come soon to pick one.

This particular brew is limited to a bare 300, which means it will be the last time I’ll see it.
Nothing is indicated, but I’m pretty sure it is a honjozo.
It was brewed in June 2006
It is simply called « H. Morimoto » and nicknamed « Sakuretsu Karakuchi » or « Bursting dry ».
Dryness: +13 (not the record but very near!)
Acidity: 1.2 (low)
Yeast: No 901

Clarity: very clear

Colour: golden tinge

Aroma: light/ricey/orange-mikan

Body: Light and smooth

Taste: Even so dry, it does not shock the palate, probably due to the low acidity. Wecome tingle. Vanilla/mandarine/bitter chocolate
Gentle lingering

Overall: Distinguished. Ought to be drunk as an aperitif or on its own. Would go very well with greens.
As it is very easy to drink, I would probably even use it as a nightcap!
Definitely a great find. And so reasonably priced!

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