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On Friday July 20th, we met at Hakkei Izakaya to hold a tasting of all the sake and shochu brewed this year by Mr. Takashima of Takashima Brewery/Hakuin Masamune.
Were present: Mr. Takashima, Mr. Nagashima of Nagashima Saketen and his emplyee, Mr. Yokoyama, Mssrs Nishi and Watanabe, two great fans of Shizuoka Sake, my friend, Farncois Berguisser of Switzerland and myself.
hakkei-sashimi.jpg hakkei-sushi.jpg
With great food coming along, we proceeded to taste Mr. Takashima’s brews as he patiantly and enthusiastically explained the history and making of each.
We were first served his Junmai, made drom Goyakumangoku Rice, milled down to 60%, NEW-5 yeast. He calls it his Hakuin Masamune standrad. Easy on the palate and a clean taste. Best enjoyed at a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius.
Second was JUnami Ginjo, made from Yamada Nishiki Rice, milled down to 50%, NEW-5 yeast. A sake with well-balanced aroma and taste. This was the one I sent to the Tokyo Geeks (see report soon). Goes particularly weel with Japanese food and shoyu-based dishes.
Third was a Junmai Yamahai Genshyu, a sake I had been waiting for long. Made from Yamada Nishiki rice milled down to 65%, NEW-5 yeats. This was the first Yamahai produced by Takashima Brewery for more than 30 years! It easily became my second favourite. I had had the pleasure to taste it before it was put on sale during my interview at the Brewery, and it certainly was as good!
Fourth was a Junmai Nigori made from Goyakumagyoku Rice, milled down to 55%, NEW-5 yeast. Quite a thick nigori, but with a taste realitively easy on the palate. Goes well with oily foods.
Fifth was an extravagant Junmai Daiginjo Tobitori, made from Yamada Nishiki Rice, milled down to 40%, NEW-5 yeast. Obviously Takashima Brewery’s jewel, although I would go for the Junmai Ginjo.
Last we had a taste of his great kome/rice shochu matured inside sherry barrels directly imported from Spain!

A great day. I’m looking forward to the next one!

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