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For reasons I cannot elucidate I haven’t tasted many brews concocted by Sugii Brewery (Suginishiki, Fujieda City) over the past year although I do have a special liking for them. Now, this being said, Mr. Sugii has a habit to come up with some extraordinary sake, and this one is no exception!
It is a Yamahai Junmai, a tricky proposal if there is one, that he brewed the old way as it was done during the Meiji Era and has cahracteristics seldom witnessedin Shizuoka Prefecture.

Used rice all from Shizuoka Prefecturewith 90% of it Homare Fuji. Yeast rice is 70% Hitomebore.
Dryness is -1, which classifies it as sweet for our region.
Now, the acidity is a whopping 3.4, double the usual!
Amino acids are 1.7

Clarity: very clear

Colour: goldish

Aroma: light and discreet/notes of peaches

Body: light

Taste: Lighter than expected but sharp. Green plums/nectarines/apricots
Welcome fruity acidity. Surprisingly dry in spite of the -1 grading

Overall: tastes like a very dry white wine with a lot of fruit at moments.
Lots of character. Goes particularly well with oily and strong taste foods.
Can be enjoyed as « kan »/warm, too.
Very interesting. Recommended to people who wish to introduce a sake in between wines.