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On Friday (the last Friday of every month from now on, except in August) July 27th, the Shizuoka Geeks somehow held their second sake tasting session at Mark Steward’s appartement.
Were present Mark and Haruna Steward, Mr. Tetsuya Nishida a music and drink geek, Miss Seiko Kubo, a student of mine and your servant.

kokuryu.jpg senju.jpg
I had brought two similar sake, dai ginjo, Kokuryu from Fukui Prefecture and Senju from Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Mark (an Englishman who can cook!) had prepared some great garlic fried chicken to go with cheese and bread we had brought with us.
For once, but not for long, the tasting was a bit more serious than last time. We had time to agree that they were both beautiful, elegant and fruity sake, with Kokuryu being drier although very similar.
We shared some views on the taste that I jotted down for the coming report on Senju, and that was about it. From then on it was serious drinking, eating and enjoying!

The next session is tentatively set fo the last Friday of September at another friend’s home!

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