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Kawahagi or Thread-sail Filefish (or simply Filefish) is an angler’s favourite in summer.
Like any other fishes, it has other names such as « Gihagi, « Hagi », « Gyuu », « Subuta » or « bakuchiuchi ».
It is fairly common in Central and South Japan.
In Kansai area, it replaces Fugu/Globefish when it is out of season for its similarity as sashimi:
Notice that even the liver is served as sashimi!
It is also enjoyed cooked, especially deep-fried/karaage:
One can also appreciate simmered or steamed in sake, especially the liver.
But it is also very popular as sushi with all kind of toppings:

The skin should be rough like that of a shark and brightly coloured.
Avoid sticky skin fish.
The bigger the size, the greater the taste (anglers, enjoy!)

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