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When the Japanese Government boosted the Sake in dustry in 1953 by offerings generous loans and tax rebates, they included an unwritten condition that Breweries produce sake to be consumed as early as possible, effectively stifling the research and developments of « vintage » and old-style sake.
Some breweries in Shizuoka Prefecture have recently developed their own « koshu »/old sake nonetheless: Morimoto (Kikugawa), Eikun (Shizuoka-Yui) and Doi (Kakegawa)

Doi Brewery has come up with a particularly interesting brew called « Junmai Ginjo Ju Nen Koshu » (Ten year old junmai ginjo) made from rice milled down to 55%.
Apart of the beautiful old fashion label, it drwas a 17~18% alcohol content, making pretty strong.
The colour is a radiant gold, almost the same colour as the label.
For unknowing people its taste reminds of old Chinese rice wine.
It could be drunk at room temperature or warmed up as « kan ». It is a bit of an acquired taste, but wine fans will be able to appreciate for its great value.
I would definitely recomend it with some hearty food.

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