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I just cannot count how many times I have cycled past Mr. Katsunori Koizumi Kiquor Shop as it is along the way to the Cricket Ground I have to go to at least 3 times a week!
I just make a point stoppeng there only when Mr. Koizumi is (rarely) free. Otherwise I would be better off leaving my own chair there as once you have got the gentleman talking, he just would not stop!
He is a great mine of information and local lore on anything realted with local sake, shochu, beer and liqueurs as his family used to run the Koizumi Honkei Brewery in Okitsu, Shimizu Ku until it got absorbed by Sanwa (Garyubai) Brewery in Shimizu!
He also organizes his own Shizuoka Sake Festival in Shizuoka City, grouping more than a dozen local Breweries. The next one will take place on the 10th of October.
As a proof of his kowledge he revealed me a little secret: A group in Mishima has just convinced Sugii Brewery in Fujieda City to create a « imo » shochu for them next May 2008!

As for local (he has many from all over japan on sale!) sake, he sells brews from:
Sugii (Sugunishiki), Hatsukame, Doi (Kaiun), Morimoto (Sayogorom), Fuji-Takasago, Yoshiya (Chumasa), Kumpai, Oomura (Wakatake), Tenjigura (Shusseijo), Eikun, Aoshima (Shidaizumi), Shosetsu and Aoitenka Breweries as well as a few shoch and Umeshu from Tenjigura and Senju Breweries.

Koizumi Saketen
Address: 420-0008 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Suido-cho 74
Tel.: 054-2710335
Business hours: 07:30~22:00

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