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Shimaaji, or Striped Horsemackerel is one variety of Aji/Horsemackerel-Saurel.
Although the season is said to be in Summer, the taste varies little with the time of the year.
Striped Horsemackerel caught by anglers off the Izu Peninsula are said to be the best in Japan.
It is known under the other names of Ookami, Kose and Katsuoaji.
It is very popular as sashimi:
or as tataki (tartare), my favourite, with a dash of fresh grated ginger:
Of course, as a sushi, it has many lovers:
The best sushi restaurants will prepare the sashimi or sushi from live specimen swimming in their tanks and kater served the bones and head deep-fried.

Recently, breeding the fish from their eggs off Chichijima Island has been successful, meaning more on our plates in the future!