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Fuji San Susono 3776 is a shochu conceived thanks to the Susono City Mononofu Town Sake Association with the hep of Fujinishiki Brewery in Shibakawa Cho.

All ingredients were either raised or picked in Susono City and its whereabouts: Rice, yeast and Gree tea leaves. Water cameexclusively from streams and sources flowing from nearby Mount Fuji.

Clarity: Very clean and clear

Aroma: Sharp tgreen tea and green vegetables.

Body: extremely light.

Taste: Very strong green tea leaves taste.
Turns quickly lighter as it spreads around the palate. Tea leaves taste will come back again later.
Fluctuates to sweetness upon eating.

Overall: A discovery.
Shochu tends too often to look like another as ingredients are not revealed to their full extent.
Considering that people here usually drink « Shizuoka Wari », that is shochu mixed with cold or hot green tea, They won’t for once need any supplement. Moreover they will find little reason to ignore it!
Bets drunk on its own or poured over ice. If one wants to dilute it, good pure water is best!

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