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This was the first bottle sampled by the Hamamatsu Geeks on September 14th. Notice the great retro label design!:
Hatsukame Honjozo (Hatsukame Brewery-Okabe Cho, Shida Gun)
Although a Honjozo, the rice was milled down to an extravagant 60%!
Dryness: 1
Acidity: 1.4
Bottled in February 2007

Clarity: very clear

Colour: almost transparent

Aroma: Ricey, light

Body: smooth
Taste: dry in spite of the 1.0 grading. Very light alcohol tingle. Vanilla, Coffee. Welcome acidity refreshingly lingering on the palate.

Overall: very light, almost feminine.
The alcohol adds complexity long enough in the palate fro reflection.
Easy to drink at any time of the day. Best on its own.

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