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On Friday September 14th, by a typical stuffy September day, was held the second Sake Tasting by the Hamamatsu geeks In Hamamatsu City.
Matthew (Matt/Curly) Ryan and Stephen (Steve/Pom) Waring, once again had the grace and expertise to prepare all for eveyone at their friend artist’s home. The latter, having inherited this large house from his father had converted it completely to create a two-storey house/hall all fit with audio equipment and the lot for regular events. The place is rapidly turning into a local celebrity-gathering den, and it does require some sound management. Well, as long as the Ozzie-Pom lives in Hamamatsu, I have no worries, whatsoever.

I introduced 4 Shizuoka Prefecture Sake:
Hatsukame Honjozo (Hatsukame Brewery-Okabe Cho)
Takasago Junmai Nama Genshu (Fuji-Takasago Brewery-Fujinomiya City)
Susono Junami Shiboritate Genshu (Hana no Mai Brewery-Hamamatsu City)
Kumpai Momiji Junami Ginjo Hiyaoroshi (Kumpai Brewery-Shizuoka City)
(Look at tasting reports to follow).

Interestingly enough, the Takasago brew came out as the favourite of the night.
I had the occasion to meet again quite a few people who had attended the first session in July, especially ladies.
Last time was a bit of a free-for-all, whereas this time everyone made a marked effort to listen and learn. Well at least until the third bottle. The fourth bottle still saw the ladies keen to listen whereas the males only held their empty glasses forward…

I had a great time and time passed really quickly. I did have to hurry to catch my train back to Shizuoka City. Unfortunately I had no time to take pictures of the gals and lads of the day. But I shall make sure of that on October 12th. It is definitely turning into a much-needed regular event. I hope the Shizuoka Geeks will ot be left behind….

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