20th Shizuoka Prefecture Jizake Fair


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On the 1st of October was held the long awaited Jizake Fair at the Century Hotel in Shizuoka City!
I had to scramble to arrive from work at about 19:10, although the event had started at 18:30 (bloody too early if you ask me!). I arrived in a crowded place, that with the local media making a nuisance of themselves… As I could not find my friends, I just took my glass and decided to start the tasting marathon.

I had the great pleasure to meet old acquaintances who in turn helped me getting introduced to other brewers I had been looking forward to taling to for quite some time.

I secured future interviews east and west and even central Shizuoka Prefecture with Kinmei (Gotemba), Izu no Umi (Numazu), Fujimasa/Chiyomine and Makino/Shiraito (Fujinomiya), Haginishiki (Shizuoka), Senju (Iwata) and Hamamatsu/Tenjigura (Hamamatsu).
It was all a bit hectic as I had to greet evryone who has so kindly helped me these last months: Denbei Nakamura, Mr. Doi, Eriko Kanda and so on.
Al in all it was a great evening, but far too short to my liking. Alright, I will have plenty of time to remedy that!

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