Tasting by the Shizuoka Geeks 3


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On Friday October 8th, the Shizuoka Geeks held their 3rd tatsing session!
Due to the faraway location of the day’s hosting abode in Miwa, Shizuoka City, we were few but dedicated.
Were assembled the ever-faithful Mark and Haruna Steward and our new Geek, Neil Harrison, and your servant, all members of the famed, if not winning, Shizuoka Kytes Cricket Club.

We tasted two interesting, if vastly different brews, one a limited edition, « Oigawa no kahan kajika » by Oomuraya-Wakatake Brewery/Shimada City, and Hatsukame Daiginjo, 2007 Vintage by Hatsukame Brewery/Okabe cho.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the sake. See coming reports. The only complaint was, that is spite of all the beer guzzled in between, one or two more sake could have been taken care of!
Didn’t I tell you we were all peasants down here?

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