Shizuoka Shochu Tasting 2-2: Hamamatsu Distillery/Goroshichi


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Hamamatsu Distillery, also known for its sake brands Tenjigura and Shusseijo produce quite extravagant kome/rice shochu from the whilte lees of its sake brewing.

Name: Goroshichi
Ingredients: Rice, rice yeast
Alcohol: 28%

Aroma: elegant, ricey, sweet. Hint of pears and bananas.
Body: almost velvety
Taste: fruity/ricey. Almost sweet. Complex. Lingers like an old lover.

Overall: Elegant shochu. Should be drunk on its own or with ice. I would not mix with anything. Too precious for that! A shochu that can be appreciated by all genders and ages!

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