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On November 2nd, thanks to the good offices of Matthew Ryan, the Hamamatsu Geeks held their third tasting session.
Matt, and his friend Stephen have redecorated a house inherited by their common Japanese friend, «  »Suzi », a local artist, into an extremely original locale to hold all kind of events and parties, cultural, artistic or gastronomic.

hamamatsu-geeks-n1.jpg hamamatsu-geeks-n3.jpg hamamatsu-geeks-n4.jpg
hamamatsu-geeks-n5.jpg hamamatsu-geeks-n6.jpg

It is beginning to attract a crowd of officionados of all genres and origins, including a new expat sake fan, Jack Ryan. The Japanese fans are becoming patrons and bring new faces every time.


On that particular day, I had brought 3 very brews different from Kakegawa City (Kaihun-Ha, Junmai Ginjo), Shimada City (Oomuraya, Daiginjo) and Gotenba City (Kinmei, Junmai Daiginjo). See coming postings for reports!

Everyone was very keen to learn and taste as usual, but evrey session witnesses more dedication, and before long they will come with more difficult questions and requests, I’m sure!

The next session has been tentaively scheduled on the first Friday of February. Look forward for the latest Shizuoka Breweries’ jizake!

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