Shizuoka Shochu Tasting 4-6: Fujinishiki Distillery-Sachiura


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Finally got my hands on this new shochu!

Granting the wish for a local shochu by a group of Shochu lovers in Fukuroi City, Fujinishiki Brewery/Distillery distilled this brew with a variety of yam/ »imo » grown south of Fukuroi City:

Sachiura, « Special thanks to brave historical people » (in English on the label).
Honakaku Imo Shochu. « Enshu Fukuroi »

Ingredients: « Koganesengan »/ Yellow Yam/Imo, Rice, Rice yeast
Contents: 720ml
Alcohol: 25 degrees

Clarity: very clear
Aroma: Light and pleasant. Hints of vanilla and bananas.
Taste: Sharp but light, even drunk straight.
A bit light for the purists or people wishing to mix it with wter or else.

Overall: should be drunk on its own or with ice.
Goes very well with any food.
Smell not overpowering.
Should be popular with ladies, young people and foreigners.

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